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New Zealand Joint Pharmaceutical Show at Expo Week Beijing Health Show

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Core prompt:With the development of commodity economy, there are many kinds of health care products on the market When exte

With the development of commodity economy, there are many kinds of health care products on the market. When external environmental factors lead us to be unable to eat healthy, we need to take appropriate health care products. In this case, the choice of appropriate health care products is very critical, and their production is the very important.



1.  Enterprises Introduction

New Zealand United Pharmaceutical Company (Unipharm Healthy Manufacturing Co Ltd.) was founded in 1979, headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. Forty years of experience in the production and processing of health care products have made us the most experienced OEM processing plant in New Zealand.



Unipharm New Zealand United Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has established a high-standard modern health care product production plant in New Zealand with MPI certification. It benefits from the pure and pollution-free natural environment of New Zealand, combines advanced technology, strict quality control, and adopts the best raw materials and production technology to build a new health care product factory. High quality health products, for consumers to bring from the natural essence of nutritional supplements.



Unipharm New Zealand United Pharmaceutical Suppliers and Sales Networks are located in many countries and regions around the world. Continuous expansion of international influence is the best guarantee of our quality. Our Sales Department has a professional team in Asia, who knows the languages of different countries, understands the health market, quality standards and documentation requirements of Asian countries, and can provide personalized help to Asian customers.


Unipharm New Zealand United Pharmaceutical Manufacturing covers soft capsules, tablets, drops, sprays, liquids, dairy products, etc. We have worked closely with many well-known mother, infant and child brand enterprises in China for a long time to achieve the goal of providing comprehensive OEM services from R&D production.


 Product Series introduction


Gel candy series


Pressed candy series



Dairy products series


Dropping agent series



Probiotic Series


On April 17-19, 2019, at Beijing China International Exhibition Center (old China Exhibition Hall), New Zealand joint pharmaceutical company unveiled the 25th China International Health Industry Expo, adopting the best quality raw materials and production technology, dedicated to creating high-quality health products, and providing consumers with nutritional supplements derived from natural essence.



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2019. 07. 04



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