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The 26th China(Shanghai) International Health Industry Expo 2019
Date:August 28th-30th,2019     Venue:Shanghai New International Expo Center
The 27th China(Beijing) International Health Industry Expo 2020
Date:April 15th-17th,2020    
Venue:China International Exhibition Center( 1A、1B、1-2A、1-2B、6、7、8A、8B)
Sponsor: China Health Care Nutrition Council
China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care
China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine
China Good Agri-products Development Service Association
Joint-Organizers:CATCM Medicine Planting and Breeding Specialized Committee
CATCM Mugwort Specialized Committee
CPAM Sub-Health Specialized Committee
CPAM Health Care Equipment Specialized Committee
Organizer: Beijing Shibowei International Expo Co., Ltd
Shibowei(Shanghai) Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Official website: www.jianbohui.net
★Last Review
Shibowei.CIHIE.2019 The 25th China International Health Industry Expo &The 8th World Health Industry Conference was held on April 17-19 at Beijing.China International Exhibition Center(Hall1-Hall8) with 1500 standard booths,1276 exhibitors,150 buyer delegations,12 domestic and foreign pavilions and nearly 50,000m² show areas.
For the country of exhibitors,this expo had 253 exhibitors from 57 countries along the belt and road,accounting for 16.4% of the exhibition area; it had 47 exhibitors from 35 least developed countries,accounting for 1% of the exhibition area.
From the visibility of the exhibitors,this expo attracted Aland、ERA Biotechnology、GanoHerb、CP PHARMACEUTICAL、China State Farms、Huiyuan、Renhe Group、Yulin Pharmaceutical、Zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceutical、Zhejiang COFCO、Beidahuang Group、Hongmao Pharmaceuticals etc;
In this respect of visitors,this expo had 74 262 visitors during this expo.
Judging from the transaction situation, the incomplete statistics show that the turnover of intentional transactions exceeds RMB 150 million , and the cumulative indirect signing amount exceeds RMB 270 million  after this expo ended.
10 matching activities were held during this expo
Judging from overseas guests' participation,more than ten overseas visiting delegations (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) from more than 50 countries and regions and five international organizations were received, including Japan, Korea, Ukraine, India and Sierra Leone etc.
The organizer indicated that the scope of the country, booth area, number of enterprises, quality of enterprises, size of buyer and number of guests all exceeded expectations. The preparation work for the next expo will focus on the "high specifications, high quality, high standards, high level and high efficiency", and we will make great efforts to continuously build "the first-class international exposition".
The theme of this conference is "Open a new era of global silver-haired economy and  seek a new future for world health industry". The entire exhibition effect and the advanced exhibition concept of the organizer have been unanimously recognized and praised by the enterprises, professional audiences, and have been as well praised as the "barometer of the health industry". 
★Exhibition Introduction
Shibowei. China International Health Industry Expo was found in 2003 (The abbreviation is Shibowei .CIHIE). Up to now, It has been successfully held for 25 times. This expo is approved by MINISTRY OF COMMERCE, PRC and jointly sponsored by China Good Agri-products Development Service Association、China Health Care Nutrition Council、China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine、China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care and Beijing Shibowei International Expo Co.,Ltd.Going through unremitting efforts of 15 years,Shibowei. CIHIE is developing from the original 80 booths to the current 1800 more booths、from 2000m²show areas to 50.000m² show areas、from 60 exhibitors to 1200 exhibitors, from China to the current 26 countries in the world and from 2000 visitors to the current 74262 visitors;This expo has been appraised as "National Key Guidance and Support Exhibition" for many years. 
★Platform Advantage
1、We only focus on the big health exhibition for 15 years and vigorously promote Chinese healthy industry development which is a high quality platform for enterprises to seek business opportunities, create an international brand image and strongly move towards the global market.
2、We successfully held 2019 Health Industry Expo and The 8th World Health Industry Conference:mutual promotion between the exhibitions and conferences;
3、50,000 show areas,1500 domestic and foreign exhibitors, 74262 professional buyer&visitors;
4、Beijing, Shanghai,Chengdu -Three stations detonated the commanding point of national market;
5、We created 650,000 accumulative total show areas to make this brand banquet in health industry;
6、Serve 15000 exhibitors from 60 countries,‘specialized, so trusted’;
7、The accumulative total number of visitors was over 1100,000 and the huge visitors database is the business opportunity Library;
8、The accumulative volume of trade is nearly USD7,927,300,000 which brought a substantial economic benefit for the enterprise;
★Advantages for Creation of Health Event:
1.Data resources: 
After 15 years of precipitation, Shibowei.CIHIE nearly establish 500 thousands of high-quality professional buyers database. According to the characteristics, regional characteristics and exhibitor's needs, it will precisely orientate, invite and match the relevant purchasers and agents to expand the sales channels for the exhibitors. We set up the characteristic of exhibition area, hold a special meeting to attract investment and projects, set up the purchasing meeting and link up with the resources of all concerned parties for major projects in group location.
2.High-end experts and community resources: 
"World Health Industry Conference" was successfully held for 7 times, and attracted the attention of many Chinese national leaders.Meanwhile,many foreign countries sent congratulation wishes. Every year,“Shibowei.CIHIE” attract many local and foreign experts of health industry to deliver speech and constantly strengthen and enrich their database knowledge. As participants at this event, there are the governments, trade associations, business associations, economic federations, foreign chambers of commerce, embassies in China, etc... all maintain close contact and partnership relations. For the exhibitors, we provide the following services such as resource docking, media interview docking, procurement docking, Beijing media docking, e -commerce docking, expert docking, investigation docking, financing docking, source - origin rating and listing docking, product positioning consulting, marketing consultation, etc....
3.Advantages of Media Matrix Publicity
Media publicity: Pre-warming before this expo starts, Interview during exhibition, Report follow-up. As multi-Channel promotion there are: Xinhua network, phoenix, Sina, Sohu, today's headlines and other 120 online media; CCTV, Beijing TV and major local radio stations; YOUKU, IQIYI, Tencent and other online video; China Food newspaper, health times and other media; Wechat public platform and other self-media. Through the exhibition trade platform, it will continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the formation of a unique strong brand and enhance the recognition of enterprises in the minds of consumer.
★Schedule for Shanghai Exhibition:
Raw Space : August 26 -27, 2019 (2 days)          8:00am-17:00pm
Standard Booth: August 27,2019(1 day)         8:00am-21:00pm
Exhibition Time: August 28-30,2019(3 days)        9:00am-17:00pm
Move-out Time: August 30,2019                 14:00pm-21:00pm
Exhibition Positioning
For CIHIE, We set a higher standard and goal, that is how to integrate more levels and more effective resources to make all participants achieve common progress through the exhibition platform.There will be more health-related brand enterprises and terminal channel resources to join us, especially for the selection of terminal channel resources.For exhibitors, you can use this platform to show your own brand and helps companies to optimize channel resources; For the on-site visitors,you can quickly get more exhibition info and quickly get the required info and exhibitor info ,so CIHIE can bring the new communication way for exhibitors and viewers to make it to be easier and more direct when contact. Meanwhile,the industry-related resources make you understand the industry trends at the first time for providing better service for the enterprises.Through the planning of meeting market changes and demand、integration of effective resources and meeting the different demand of different participants,CIHIE will integrate the business development、spatial marketing、trend release and information sharing etc which make you use CIHIE resources to realize self improvement with mutual benefit and win-win way.
★Professional Visitor Profile (The professional customer service team will call to invite
buyers to get their procurement list)
1. Effective, creditworthy, sales-network of dealers, agents, the joining trader, Wechat businessman, e-business, application dealer, trade company etc
2. Pharmacies, Chinese medicine shops, Franchised stores of health products, Medical recovery equipment, Health club,Elderly supplies stores,Pension institutions,Gym,Nursing home,Cadres' sanatorium,beauty salon, cosmetics stores, Home stores, Daily chemicals stores, Shampoo and hair care agencies, Health management institutions, private clubs etc;
3.Chinese medicine chain stores, Gift companies, TV shopping, Online shopping centers, Trade service providers, Gift shops, important group-buying units etc.
4.Hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine clinics,Traditional Chinese medicine specialist in traditional Chinese and Western Medicine,Colleges of traditional Chinese medicine,Community health center;
5. Buyers stationed in china、Import and export trading company、Industry association、The central enterprise trade union system of the SASAC、Medical and healthy management system、Relevant government department management、Association organization;Pharmaceutical business group etc;
★Exhibit Scope
A: Nutrition and Health Food Area: Life nourishment products, Nutrients, Nutritional supplements, Sports nutrition, Functional food, High-end dairy products,Pollen products,Bee products,Ginseng products,Fish Oil, Enzymatic products, Green alga products, Embryo products, Chlorophyll products, Aloes products, Fungus products, Plant extract products
B: Health-care (functional) Products Area: Natural products, Organic food, Enhancing immunity products, Anti-aging products, Cardiovascular disease prevention products,Anti-cancer products, Liver protection products and kidney filling products, Marine biological products,Slimming health care products , Amino acids,Blood-supplementing formula,Fatty acid,Dietary fiber,DHA/EPA products, new resources of food etc;
C: Enzymes and Enzyme Related Products: Enzyme powder, Enzyme plaster, Enzyme ingot, Liquid enzymes, Natural enzymes, Noni enzyme , Fruit enzymes, Compound enzyme, etc. Enzymes cosmetics, Enzymes skin care products, Enzyme soap, Enzymes cosmetic mask products and other wash protect daily products;
D: Health-care(Functional)Drinks Area: Health-care drinks, Health-care juice,, Health-care tea, Health-care wine, Functional water, Coffee drinks and related drinks etc;
E: Beauty and slimming products area: Collagen, Coenzyme Q10, Skin care cosmetics, Functional cosmetics and slimming products, Natural beauty products,Chinese herbal beauty products,Foot therapy bath products etc.
F:Bird's nest, high-end tonics: all kinds of bird's nest products, Ginseng, Ganoderma,Deer antlers, Chinese Caterpillar Fungus, Sea cucumber, Donkey-hide gelatin, American ginseng, Fish glue , etc
G: Sugar-free Products Area: Special Dietary foods, Low-sugar beverage, Milk powder, Oatmeal, Corn grains products, Diabetic health food
H: Diet Therapy Medicinal Food Products Area: Diet therapy and medicinal food raw materials and related equipment, Chinese traditional medicine (chopped/traditional medicine etc), Chinese medicine pills, national features drugs and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, material and extract etc.
I:Peptide series products:Various peptide materials and Peptide products, etc 
J: Health-care Products Packaging Area: Medicine and health-care production equipment and packing equipment, printing equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials, etc.
K:Big Health Industrial Park and Base: Large health industry and industrial park bases of local
governments, planning display、promotion and investment activities, etc.
★About Exhibitor
1、Exhibitor’s products must have valid 《Business License》+《Product Qualification certificate》or other legal approval documents for the certificates and products. The quality of the exhibits should comply with the national relevant standards.
2、Exhibitors who make sure to attend the exhibition should firstly contact the organizer to choose their ideal booth position, then fill in the application form and agreement form with company seal. Mail or fax the form with your signatures to the organizer. This contract will be effective after being signed by both parties. Faxes or copies are valid.Booth Distribution Principle: apply first, Paid first, confirm first.
3、In order to help exhibitors win the market honor and expand the sales of products, the organizer set up the award activities, all the exhibitors who participate in the exhibition can join us, the awards are included "Gold Award "、"Good Faith Award" etc; (For details ,please ask the Organizing Committee).
4、In order to show the strength of the company and corporate image, the organizer has set up the special sponsor scheme, so the interested companies can consult with the organizer.
★Concurrent Events
1. 2019 China International Nutrition and Health industry Developing Summit Forum and New Product Release and Promotion Meeting. 
Organizing Committee:Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Co., Ltd
Address: No.69, Chao yang District, Chao yang Road, Beijing, China   
Post Code: 100123
Contact: Ms.Wendy Wei
Mob: 8615810310934(Wechat )
Email:wendy@sbwexpo.cn  annali@sbwexpo.cn


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