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 Participation Procedures

1、Exhibitor’s products must have valid hygienic license, business license, trademark registration certificate, and products approval documents; the quality of the exhibition products should comply with the relevant standards.
2、Exhibitors who make sure to attend the exhibition should firstly contact the organizing committee to choose their ideal booth position, then fill in the application form and agreement form. Mail or fax the forms with your signatures to the organizing committee. This contract will be effective after being signed by both parties. Faxes or copies are valid.
3、Booth Distribution Principle: apply first, Paid first, confirm first;
4、All guests who participate in the exposition are entitled to take part in the bonuses issuing activity, which set ”Gold award”, “Best-Ten Brand, Good Faith model”; ” Appointed Product, Recommended product, Science and Technology Innovation”; ” Four news” award;(For more information, refer to organizer committee).
5、To show the strength of the company and set up the enterprise image, the organizing committee established title sponsorship and sponsor scheme. If have interest, please ask the assisted sponsorship scheme and relevant return regulations from the organizing committee.
6、To expand your company's propaganda, the organizing committee will offer you the links service between your website and congress's official website free of charge.


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