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Business Invitation

Business invitation service

For the sake of best service and improvement of Expo brand, the organizing committee has planned a series of invitation service. We will meet your needs at most; we will appoint extra staff to invite! It covers a series invitation of governmental authorities, upper officials, embassies, business counsellors, industry association, news media, science&research institutions, marketing planning, trader, investment institutions, project joint, channel contract businessmen, distributors, resellers, purchasers, professional buyers. 


1, This service is only for the exhibitors, we do not provide service to others. 

2,We do not accept application anymore when countdown time is only 1 month left! 

3, Please state your requirements in detail as possible as you can if you have such demand and must submit to the organizing committee in written

4,The committee will reply you and specify it within 3 workdays after received your application.

5,The service will start after the applier confirmed the service method of organizing committee!

6,The organizing committee will inform the result of invitation within 15 workdays before the expo. 

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