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Application Method

Online application
1, click " I want to attend" button, fill in all column carefully according to the clue of system! "*" are required! 
2, click"next" after finish the whole column, when the new page occurred after the system recognized, then your submitted information, strip code, serial number and "professional visitors" will be shown on the new page. 
3, Print the content and preserved a copy. When you attend the Expo, show it to the organizer, then it will be ok!

Registration via telephone
1, Call to the Organizing Committee, tell the staff your basic information(telephone number, institutions, address), idea of participation and specific personnel as well as information you want to know and get! 
2, The Organizing Committee will fax you a copy for confirmation after inspection and record. 
3, The Organizing Committee will post participants the ticket and documents within 30 days before Expo. 

Email reservation
1, Send email of your information and requirements to the appointed emailbox of Organizing Committee;
2, The committee will send registered number within 3 workdays after inspection; 
3, When sign in on the site, show your registered number to the staff, then you will pass the entrance smoothly.

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